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Overview (ESG)

We are committed to operating our assets responsibly and to the benefit of all stakeholders and our operations are planned and structured with their long-term success in mind. We continue to build relations at all stakeholder levels.

Strong support   

South Pacific Metals is operating with strong local trust given its ties with Asia Pacific Energy Ventures and their track record for meeting commitments. Deep relationships with in-country nationals have fostered an understanding of the PNG social licence.

With strong regional and national support, South Pacific Metals has received a letter of written support from the PNG Mining Minister and all landholders in favour written support from the PNG Mining Minister. All landholders are in favour of Kainantu’s ongoing operations.

SPMC community initiatives   

The South Pacific Metals Road infrastructure project includes an Exploration camp with “community hub” facilities, medical, educational and pre-closing expenditure which will require no further capital commitment from Kainantu Resources.


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